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Indoor Snowboarding in Japan

Nov 17th 2008

On the weekend I started my pre-season Snowboard Training at the Sayama Indoor Ski Center. It’s about a 1 hour commute from Shinjuku Station and would have to be one of the cheapest Snowboarding trips in Japan.

The day started well, minimum of waiting for the chair lifts, the snow wasn’t that busy so beginners can have a good day out without getting into any trouble.

I took this from the conveniently located restaurant while sipping a beer over lunch, you only get to see the bottom half from the restaurant, the total length is about 400 meters of usable snow.

There is also a video on Vimeo that shows what Indoor Skiing in Tokyo is like.

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  1. Looks like a great place for a beginner like me. Or, would I get pounded by local snowboarding gangs?

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  2. Billy, you would be fine. There are the usual amount of nampa boy’s hotdoggin but they stay out of the way.

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  3. Any advice on the logistics of taking your equipment out there in multiple bags? :)

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  4. @Neil.. yeah don’t.. unless you drive… I ventured out with 3 bags and wanted to kill somebody by the time I arrived… New Bag coming this week.

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  5. I’ve never skied or snowboarded, do you know if they rent equipment so that I could try it the next time I holiday in Tokyo?

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  6. Declan, they certainly do rent equipment, Sayama is one of the best places to learn, safe, not steep, not freezing cold and raining.. its a great day out.

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  7. Looks pretty cool. I have heard rumors about indoor ski resorts, and even indoor beaches for surfing, in Japan

    I heard rumor that there will be much bigger ones soon.

    But yeah it looks like it would be a great place to learn, as long as it is not too crowded.

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