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Cute Fairy Tattoos for Women

Sep 23rd 2007

Fairy Tattoos

Have you been looking for a cute fairy tattoos? These are not only very popular they are also a great tattoo to get for the first one or even for a seasoned tattoo veteran. If you are thinking about getting a fairy tattoo then you might be interested in this article. It will discuss the benefits of getting a fairy tattoo design, some of the costs and possible locations for the design.

Benefits Of Fairy Tattoos

One of the biggest benefits to a fairy tattoo design is they are highly flexible and can fit for a variety of different situations. They work well to have a sexy playful look or a bashful quiet look. Whatever you want to express one the benefits of fairy tattoos is their resemblance to humans. Sure they have wings, are small and much more cute. In the end they pretty much resemble humans in their face and body shapes. Therefore an experienced tattoo artist could easily draw just about any expression or emotion you want. Thus leads to another benefit of the fairy tattoo. They can express a wide variety of different emotions and make a great symbol for what you are currently looking for or wanting to express. Last they also make a great tattoo because they can easily be sized to fit just about anywhere nad any taste you might have. They look great are cute as foot tattoos and also work equally well on large back pieces. So fairy tattoos can be very open for design possibilities.

The CostFairy Tattoos

The cost of the end tattoo will depend on a variety of factors. Some of the things that will change the price are the size, the tattoo artists and how popular and busy he or she is at the time. The busier stores will typically cost more. For a large full back or even half back fairy tattoo design you are probably going to pay at least $500 to a $1,000. If you are looking for a small foot tattoo it will probably only take a few hours to complete at most and cost $50 to $150. So the prices can vary depending on the intricacy and size of the tattoo. It will also vary depending on the skills and abilities of the artist.


One of the great things about fairy tattoo is they can go just about anywhere. Typically women like to get fairy tattoos on their back. Either a lower back design or an upper back. Either way the back is a very popular place to get a cute fairy tattoo design. The top of a foot works well also however is a little bit painful. There is always the hip tattoo, the thigh area or an arm.

Whatever ever location, artist and design you choose you probably won’t go wrong with a fairy tattoo. The tattoo is often done in very brilliant and beautiful colors. The deep symbolism that can be tied into the tattoo makes it something you will cherish for years to come.

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  1. pacificparadize

    that’s hot, does it hurt? :D

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  2. I have seen so many faded blurry fairy tattoos. I do on the other hand like the back piece you have in one of the images above with multiple fairies. I have notice it a trend that most girls get fairies on their ankles. I personally am one for non trendy tattoos. But their is reasoning behind all tattoos. :)

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  3. Trace

    Hey, cool post, I’m trying to find a larger version of one of the pics you have on here. Its’ on page three called fairy5, the really colourful fairies! Can you please let me know where you got this pic. Can’t track it down anywhere. Thanks.

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